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We offer customers a wide range of models tailored to every field of application. For further information on the systems offered herein please contact us.

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DSG 200 Thin-cutting frame saw

The DSG 200 is THE thin-cutting frame saw for extreme cutting requirements, outstanding for its enormous capacity of up to
1400 m2 per shift. With 170 installed machines throughout the world in industrial use, the DSG 200 has proven its impressive capabilities in producing high-quality lamellas (sawn veneers) for parquet flooring, engineered doors, multilayer boards and panels.

The massive strength and power of the DSG 200 allows unique applications for its use in high-quality thin-cutting. Up to 50 lamellas per pass, as well as sawn veneers up to 400 mm in width.

 Unique applications
•   Up to 9 blocks per pass
•   Cutting height up to 400 mm

Enormous capacities
•   Up to 50 saw blades per
     saw frame
•   Heavy-duty 22 kW main drive
•   Servo-controlled precision

Extreme reliability
•   5000 kg cast construction
•   Solid quadruple locking
•   Maximum loading capacity for
     extreme requirements


DSG Sonic  Thin-cutting frame saw     

WINTERSTEIGER’s new thin-cutting technology achieves optimum results in the production of high-quality lamellas (sawn veneers) for parquet .ooring, engineered doors, pencil slats, multilayer boards, architectural windows, furniture, musical instruments and many other uses.

The DSG Sonic is the result of development work carried out by a team of practical users, technicians and designers with many years of experience. This combination of experience and innovation makes the WINTERSTEIGER DSG Sonic an impressive machine with many advantages:

 DSG Sonic High precision
•   Tolerance-free saw guiding
•   Symmetrically constructed saw frame
•   High-quality sawing technology

30 - 80 % increased performance
•   Revolutionary drive concept
•   Servo-controlled precision feed
•   Increased drive performance
     with 550 strokes per minute

Outstanding design
•   Ergonomically designed machine
•   Optimum accessibility
•   Easy operation

For details please click the image to download the pdf 


DSG Eco Plus  Thin-cutting frame saw      

Economical, sturdy and used all over the world – with the DSG Eco Plus thin-cutting frame saw, WINTERSTEIGER has a machine that delivers an extremely high degree of customer satisfaction when used for example in the production of high-quality lamellas (sawn veneers) for parquet . ooring, engineered doors, pencil slats, multilayer boards, architectural windows, furniture, musical instru-ments and many other uses.

This high quality is backed by a long and successful history as the DSG Eco Plus is a further development of the DSG 150 thin-cutting frame saw that has stood the test of time for over 30 years. The DSG Eco Plus is convincing in every way:

 DSG Eco Plus Longlasting reliability
•  Tried and tested reciprocating
    frame saw princip
•  High level of customer satisfaction
•  Used throughout the world

High profitability
•  High return on low cost investment
•  Ongoing advancements

Sturdy construction
•  Closed cage construction
•  Excellent stability

For details please download the pdf (top right) 



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