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Welcome to Thatcher Engineering Systems Pty Ltd
Thatcher Engineering was founded by Russ Thatcher and Mr Wal McCulloch of CJ Pearce in April 1981. Starting out developing, building and selling log & board sorting control systems and mill setworks systems, soon establishing themselves in the market as leaders in their field.

Thatcher Engineering were first located in Geelong Road, West Footscray and remained there until 1989. As the company grew so did the location and a new premises (factory & offices) was purchased in Seaford on the Mornington Peninsula, Victoria in 1989; at which time Russ purchased all company shares from CJ Pearce to become a family owned and operated company.

In the early years TES where involved in the design, manufacture and installation of Bandresaw and Roundabout Systems for the Oregon Resaw Market in Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney. Over the years TES expanded and have led the way in the industry by introducing many firsts. TES sold the 1st PAUL Optimising Docking Saw to Australia in the early 80's, and today are still going strong, having sold over 100 machines throughout Australasia. These systems range from the first manual chalk line docking saws running at 60mt/min, to the latest high speed automated scanning lines running at up to 300mt/min! They were the 1st company to offer trade in of 2nd hand equipment on their new agency lines; which quickly established TES as one of the leading 2nd hand equipment dealers covering both individual machines, complete Sawmills and value adding equipment. In the late 80's TES purchased and installed, throughout Australia and New Zealand, some 10 complete 2nd hand Sawmills sourced in Scandinavia, dismantled and reinstalled in Australia or New Zealand. TES introduced the 1st Sawmill Edger Optimiser system manufactured by Ahlstrom, and the 1st Scanning Carriage Bandmill System, manufactured by CAE, Ahlstrom and Innovec into Australia.

TES are active agents for Paul Optimising Docking Saws & Drymill Multi Rip Saw Systems, CML Multi Rip Saws, Wintersteiger Mini Frame Saws, Pinheiro Planers, Linares High Speed Planers / Moulders & Finger Jointers, Kallfass Handling Systems, Fischer Shink Wrappers, Bohl Spiral Wrappers and TS Manufacturing, a Canadian based Sawmill Manufacturer.

Recently, TES were pleased to announce their new division “Rhino Panel Equipment ”, which was established to offer machinery to the Panel Equipment Industry including CNC Machine Centres, Hot/Cold Presses, Edge Banders, Panel Saws, etc….For further information on the range of RHINO Panel Equipment please visit


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We specialize in Finger Jointers, Moulders, Planers, Optimizing Dock Saws, Multirip Saws and all Sawmill Machinery.
For machinery for the Flat Panel industry visit Rhino Panel Equipment a division of Thatcher Engineering Systems.

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