GAIDZINSKI Ind. e Com. Ltda started its activities in 1978 having Mr. ANTÔNIO GAIDZINSKI as its founder. In the beginning with a small ironwork company, GAIDZINSKI rendered services to the field man, one of the most common activities around the region.

The growth of the region and the lack in the metallurgist section allowed GAIDZINSKI to expand its activities. With hard work, effort and dedication, Gaidzinski’s founder, 3 children and collaborators got amplifications assisting the branch of machining, weld, tinning and boiler factory, solidifying GAIDZINSKI in the metallurgist branch and becoming very known all around the region.

Located in the center area of the largest Moulding pole in Latin America, seeing the lack of equipments and the trouble to acquire them, being that, practically all available equipments were imported, this situation gave GAIDZINSKI a new activity. Today GAIDZINSKI is the national leader in finishing for Civil Moulding and Decorative Moulding and it’s also expanding its activities to the Furniture market.



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