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We offer customers a wide range of models tailored to every field of application. For further information on the systems offered herein please contact us .

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Our range includes the following models:


Wide Planer/Moulder 

 PMS 510


Maximise Planing & Ripping Capabilities; Minimize Labor, Handling, Floor Area costs 

These models are designed to offer a wide range of planing, moulding and ripping capabilities, while minimizing the cost of producing products like moulding and flooring blanks, furniture and pallet parts, turning squares, S2S1E and S3S lumber, louvers, lathes and much more, in only one pass.

These Machines are availible with optional systems for straight line and optimizing ripping, as well as pre-planing heads to handle materials that have been sawn too thick.

Sample Image

Sample Image


Constant Table Planer / Matcher / Moulder 



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