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We offer customers a wide range of models tailored to every field of application. For further information on the systems offered herein please contact us .

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Gang / Combination Edgers


• Reducer Twin & Quad Lines
• Carriages & Scanning Systems
• Edgers & Optimising Lines
• Debarkers, Chippers & Screens
• Band Mills
• Band Resaws
• Trimmers
• Bin Sorters & Stackers

Board Edgers


Availible Configurations

• High Speed Chain Feed Optimized 3 Saw Board Edger Complete with Grade Edit station. Infeed provides optimum positioning accuracy and feed speed to eliminate board tracking or skewing. Edger comes standard line bored & stress relieved to give prolonged life and maximum accuracy.
• 3 Saw Board Edger with Live Rolls
 Line bored and stress relieved.  6 1⁄2” opening with 2 shifting saws, driven press rolls and live rollers.
 Pneumatic lift on press rollers to accommodate larger boards.
• 3 Saw Board Edger with Standard Infeed and Shifting Laser Lights
 4 1⁄2” Opening.  Gravity press rolls and dead bed rolls.

All edgers are available with shifting methods of: Manual Jog, Linear Positing, or Stacked Air Cylinder sets.


TS Thin Kerf Gang Edgers


• 4” to 10”
• Clam Shell Opening.
• All T.S. frames are line bored and stress relieved.

Standard arbor is chromed with splined sleeve.
Delta, involute and other options available.

• Top or bottom arbor 

• Fully Machined Guides
• Light weight aluminum with babbit
• Optional hardened steel
• Heavy Frames up to 2” thick steel plate
• Climb or counter climb cutting Setworks.

• Shift individual or banks of saws
• Shift with linear positioning cylinder or
air stacked modules


Tailing Options

Availible Configurations

• Horizontal Circular Resaw Outfeed
Recovers boards that would otherwise need to be re-handled at the Resaw or could end up at the chipper.
•  3 Saw Shifting Tailer
 Shifts to allow for Wide boards, while eliminating waste material down the chute
• Belt Tailer
Allows boards and edgings to expediently and economically exit the edger. Allows operator further down processing line to select edgings for  
 resawing that otherwise would have been chipped
• Picking Fingers Tailer
High speed tailing device that shifts in accordance with saws in edger. Works extremely well with optimized edgers.   Also allows operator to have  
 fully selectable edgings removal from edger outfeed.
• Spiral Roll Tailing with Fence
Economically removes edgings from 2 saw edgers.




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